Affecting Change…For The Better.

If you’re going to develop and improve the quality options students have in the coming decades, you’d be well served to have a better infrastructure supporting and driving it. The Optima Foundation was created to be that infrastructure. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, its mission is to connect our schools with donors who want to make a difference by providing private, philanthropic support.

Optima supports the establishment and continuing development of superior quality schools of choice and the education delivery systems they use. We invest in academic experts to procure an excellent, classical curriculum, and we equip educators with the resources to refine and improve how they do their jobs. The result? More engaged and successful students who are better prepared to meet what their futures hold.

 Our passion for education and innovation is rivaled only by our sound financial management and business acumen. We have gathered the operational, financial, and business management professional competencies necessary to ensure that common pitfalls in these areas are avoided. Optima presents the ideal combination of passion and professional skill to make significant, lasting strides in improving how our young people are educated. That’s a foundation future generations can continue to build on.

About The Optima Foundation

The goal of The Optima Foundation is to expand excellent school choice options for all Florida families and beyond! In our Classical Education schools, we believe in teaching students the true history of our country, honoring parents’ rights, and upholding moral standards. Gender ideology and political or cultural indoctrination have taken the place of quality curriculum in many schools, while parents are being kept in the dark about important decisions affecting their children. Your support allows Optima to give parents academic options they can trust.

The Optima Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, was founded in 2017 to support the establishment and expansion of superior quality schools of choice. Our mission is to provide every family with access to a knowledge-rich and virtue-based classical education, through Charter Schools, Virtual Courses, Microschools, and other academic partnerships.

All or a portion of sponsor donations are tax deductible for individuals and businesses. If you would like to make a general donation to The Optima Foundation, click here.

Meet Our Executive Director

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As a mother of three, I understand it’s critical to give parents the power to select the optimal academic environment for every child. Optima Foundation focuses on expanding access to high-quality, virtue-based classical education options for students and their families. Our organization is founded on core principles – including integrity, professionalism, and service. We seek to be a valuable resource for the education community as we exhibit a model of efficiency and effectiveness in the school choice sector, sharing best practices and showing outstanding results for others to emulate. Optima uses time-tested methods to prepare students to think critically and to equip them to confront the inevitable challenges all generations must face. Most importantly, we are committed to bringing knowledge and virtue to every student we serve. I hope you will join us!