OptimaEd partners with forward thinking NEOM X to pilot virtual reality education in innovative, futuristic community  

[Naples, FLA] — Education experience company, OptimaEd, partners with NEOM X (Online Education Community) to provide virtual reality-based educational experiences to K12 students in NEOM, a series of innovative international communities in Saudi Arabia.  

OptimaEd will provide its Digital Content Library, containing the largest educational virtual reality (VR) library in existence. OptimaEd will also provide NEOM X with VR headsets, professional development, and an educational hub allowing students to build connections and friendships across cultural and geographic regions. Through this partnership, OptimaEd will further its mission of breaking educational barriers, providing engaging, collaborative and hands-on learning experiences. 

NEOM is a collection of futuristic-like communities in Northwest Saudi Arabia aiming to build a sustainable economic model for the world. The name NEOM is derived from the Greek prefix ‘neo,’ meaning ‘new,’ and the Arabic word ‘Mustaqbal,’ meaning ‘future.’ Since launching in 2017, NEOM has more than 3,600 international staff living and working onsite and has plans for five regions. NEOM X (Online Education)’s proposal was highly competitive, being answered by dozens of world-class entities and cutting-edge educational providers across the globe. 

“We are honored to leverage our robust immersive learning resources and instructional expertise in support of the ambitious vision of the NEOM X project,” Erika Donalds, OptimaEd Founder and CEO, said. “What we will learn and develop through this partnership will help to fast-track education innovation on a global scale.” 

Through this partnership, OptimaEd’s VR application will initially support around 100 students through an immersive flagship program. Within the next 10 years, NEOM X plans to expand, furthering OptimaEd’s mission of providing excellent educational experiences to students around the world. 

“The key to transforming education lies in leveraging the enormous potential of spatial computing,” Adam Mangana, Chief Innovation Officer at OptimaEd, said. “This technology, by fostering immersive and interactive experiences, has the power to unlock groundbreaking avenues for collaborative learning, knowledge acquisition and problem-solving.” 

Operating as an approved virtual instruction provider, all OptimaEd content and instructional resources are Cognia Accredited, and standards aligned. Leveraging our instructional team’s previous experience in the Middle Eastern region, OptimaEd is excited to see this partnership unfold and for both parties to continue to further the future of education through innovation. 

About OptimaEd: 

OptimaEd is an education experience company that aims to train the minds and improve the hearts of young people through a content-rich education based on liberal arts and sciences, delivered through virtual reality technology. OptimaEd believes that every child deserves the truth, goodness, and beauty of a classical education, and is committed to scaling quality education experiences and making them accessible to all. 

About NEOM: 

Founded in 2017, NEOM is the land of the future, with an ambition to redefine livability, business, and conservation. They aim to set new global standards across industries such as Manufacturing, Food, Energy, Education, Transportation etc. to build a global sustainable economy.